Training Smart

Why Nucleus.

The GRE® exam is not simply about “knowing words”, “being smart”, or “being good at math”. It is a comprehensive evaluation of your critical thinking skills in contexts that require both verbal and quantitative knowledge. You will be required to focus intensely, under severe time constraints (e.g. 100s/question), for approximately four hours. The pressure is augmented by the stake: on a 130 – 170 point scale, one point can make the difference between landing an interview with the school of your choice and settling for “the next best thing”. 

The Nucleus Simulation Platform was created to respond these challenges. Because the GRE® exam is a complete experience, we believe that the best way to prepare for it is by recreating the experience. Mastery comes with practice, which is why we have created ten comprehensive GRE® practice tests: what you need, how you need it. Our GRE® simulations were specifically designed to take you through all the topics, in exam-like conditions. You will not be tested on lists of words, because all the “GRE words” are already embedded in the Verbal Reasoning sections of our practice tests. Each item in the Quantitative Reasoning sections was designed as a content-lesson, a strategy-lesson, or both. 

Our vision was to offer a product that teaches you what you need to know while allowing you to get comfortable with the structure and inner logic of the GRE® exam. This cognitive marathon will test more than how many words you know and how good you are at geometry. It is a unique, complex challenge, with a high stake. The Nucleus Simulation Platform was created to help you get this challenge out of the way so that you can continue pursuing your higher goals.